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Welcome at Coenegrachts Substraat

Coenegrachts Substrate is a worldwide provider of premium quality mushroom compost. We make deliveries in Belgium and the Netherlands, and we export our products to Germany, Poland, France, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Malta, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel... all over the world!

Our full-grown compost is locally manufactured in 3 stages. Our indoor phase-1 facility provides a weekly amount of 4.000 tons phase-1 compost. Thanks to our extended tunnel complex, we are able to produce no less than 1.800 tons of full-grown compost a week. All our products are shipped in bulk or in packages of 18-22kg.

Coenegrachts Substrate was built on the experience and knowledge of several generations of mushroom growers. The company was established in 1996 to produce compost for own use at the mushroom farm. Over the years, this family business has become an international market leader in the production and export of mushroom compost. Apart from our extensive expertise, Coenegrachts is known for an innovative vision and an ecofriendly approach throughout the whole manufacturing process.

The transport company VECO TRANS is responsible for the collection of horse manure in Benelux, France and Germany. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

Indoor phase 1 compost

The production of mushroom substrate starts with the fermentation process, also called phase 1.

Spawnable compost

Phase 2, the sweating process, involves pasteurisation and conditioning.

Full-grown compost

Having gone through both phases, the compost is suitable for the selective growth of the mushroom mycelium.


On request, blocs can be produced of between 18 & 22 kg. As a supplemental service, cover dirt can also be supplied in bags of 50 litres.

Veco Trans

For several years now, Veco Trans has been transporting fertilizer that is used as raw material for the cultivation of mushroom substrate.

Production process

The production proces to full-grown or spawned compost.


Coenegrachts Substrate processed annually tons of mushroom compost and exports the substrate packages all over the world.


Investment on the environment